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Cliff Enright

Cliff Enright, originally from Virginia, has been a painter and longtime teacher of adult students in New York.

What is special about Enright is that he suffered a spinal cord injury in 2003 that left him a quadriplegic.

Not giving up, he persisted in physical therapy until he could once again hold a brush.

His watercolors, bright spontaneous bursts of color,

are hardly what one expects to emerge from the hand of someone whose life had been so nearly shattered.

Cliff Enright Artist’s Talk

Contributors: Marywood Art Galleries (owner) and Cliff Enright

Updated about 2 months ago · Taken at Marywood University Art Galleries

Artist Cliff Enright shared his life experience and insight into his artistic processes with Marywood art therapy students.
Students were treated to a talk and demo of his watercolor technique involving the use of masking fluid,
followed by Q & A and another look at his exhibit in the Suraci Gallery.