People ask me how, as a quadriplegic, I am able to paint.

The answer is that my aides help a lot.
I tell them what paint to lay out on the palette and what brushes I am going to use.

Cliff Enright

Cliff Enright

My Process

After the paint is laid out,
the aide positions the brush in my hand and I paint.
I use a hair dryer to speed up the process of drying the watercolors.
After the paint is dry,
I apply liquid mask and dry the mask.

Then I apply a second coat of paint,
dry the painting again, and remove the mask,
which is now dry, to obtain the final results.
Quite often I am asked if I use white paint or body color or guache in my watercolors.
I use nothing but transparent watercolors.

The whites in the paintings are the white of the paper.
Lighter value colors that may appear to be guache are the result of masking fluid overlays.
When the mask is removed,
the resulting lighter shades sometimes give the mistaken impression of guache.

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